The Mantle 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 7/16/2012

"The Mantle" Something that covers or surrounds something else. When it comes to your family God says that you have the mantle of leadership. Our leadership style, for better or worse, surrounds and covers our wives and children.

The Mantle: Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 7/16/2012

Are you a FAMILY MAN? Men either embrace, carry reluctantly, or run from the "mantle" of leadership life places upon them in their families. But what exactly is a mantle? What does it look like? How do I carry it? Who is on the receiving end of my mantle of leadership? What are the consequences if I refuse to carry my mantle? What is God's mind on my leadership of my family? In this very practical and relational series, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck dives into the most significant expression of influence a man can have: THE FAMILY. Watch Part I to discover what a "mantle of leadership" is, what what your connection to it means, and how the heart of a family reflects the heart of the man responsible for leading it for better or for worse.

The Mantle: Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 7/16/2012

TRUE LEADERSHIP is not proven out in the boardroom, on a battlefield, amongst your buddies, or in your bank statement. It is revealed in the respect and relationships found in your FAMILY. In Part II of this series on the role of men in the family, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck focuses on the quality of your connections with members of your family beginning with your BRIDE and then your BABIES young and old. These core relationships require specific attention, energy, expression, and PROTECTION from you. Dive into this session and why wise men discipline themselves in the direction of their core relationships.

The Mantle: Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 7/16/2012

The cold hard fact is that if a man does not do RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT he will not do LIFE RIGHT. This reality should drive every man to get the one thing he needs to succeed in relationships: healthy character. In Part III of this series on family leadership, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck reveals why your personal maturity process becomes the key to the family's maturity, health, and strength. Watch this session and discover three core character qualities required of you first that translate into core family health and start pursuing them.

The Mantle: Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 7/16/2012

Did you know that God is VERY INTERESTED in and assessing your family leadership? In fact, the Bible manage the culture and relationships in your own "household" well and God says that He will consider you as a candidate to lead in his "household." He feels that if you serve people well there that you are a good candidate to serving others. In this last session, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck reveals the ULTIMATE MANTLE and shows us from the Bible exactly what it means to model, message, and mentor in God's household.



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