The Father Factor 3 Part Series

3 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 4/9/2013

Every man is on a powerful quest for validation. It is in us and never leaves us. We want to know that someone outside of ourselves sees, appreciates, understands, and loves us personally. Boys need it. Men need it. You need it every day. Welcome to this series that will help you receive it.

The Father Factor Part 1

By Kenny Luck - 4/9/2013

Every man is made son-ship but not every man receives the blessing of son-ship. The problem with this cultural epidemic is this: if men don't get healthy approval from a father, they will chase it in a number of unhealthy and self destructive ways that destroy the man and the people connected to him. In this powerful series pastor and men's expert Kenny Luck is on a mission to break that cycle. It's time to stop searching for validation and start living as a loved son. Then, and only then, can we pay that blessing forward to our own sons and daughters and transform the next generation. A man's abilities as a father will never outperform his own.

The Father Factor Part 2

By Kenny Luck - 4/9/2013

When a man has solved the acceptance issue, once and for all, he can then lead and connect with others from place of inner security and stability. Not only must a man personalize the father-factor in his own life but he must practice giving it away in the lives of those entrusted to his care and protection. In this powerful follow up to Part I, pastor and men's expert Kenny Luck takes the masculine journey to it's next logical place of expression--the home. Wives and children are desperate for the presence, promise, and power of strong and loving men. Once again, it's about breaking old patterns of chaos and confusion for your family and establishing a pattern of leadership that restores and renews relationships on a daily basis through your faith and practice in the home.

The Father Factor Part 3

By Kenny Luck - 4/9/2013

Fathers powerfully message values and priorities that sink deeply into the beliefs and behaviors of their sons and daughter. They see your "will" and they adopt it as their own subconciously and consciously because that is the way children are wired. This makes fatherhood a sacred occupation. In Part III, pastor and men's expert Kenny Luck reveals the power of modeling through a compelling look at Father-Son reflection and relationship in the Gospels. In this powerful session we see the connection between a loved, accepted, and secure Son who is made free to get his Father's will done. Like Father, like Son. Learn how to become a passionate son like Christ and raise passionate sons for Christ.



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