Sleeping Giant 5 Part Series

5 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 6/2/2012

"Sleeping Giant" It is ground zero for the church. It’s full power and promise rest in the hands it’s men. The Scripture shows that God’s men are central, responsible, and accountable to their Creator for their moment in time. WE are the men of the church and it is OUR TIME.

Sleeping Giant Part 1

By Kenny Luck - 6/2/2012

God chose men to be the vehicles of major change. Throughout the Bible, throughout history and throughout our future, God calls men to lead change. Pastor Kenny Luck launches the first of a five part series to awaken the “Sleeping Giant” in the church. The goal is to show how God sees men, both individually and as a group, and to reveal God’s purpose for men. Wake up, watch this and learn from Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ about what starring role you play in life.

Sleeping Giant Part 2

By Kenny Luck - 6/2/2012

Pastor Kenny Luck digs into the “Sleeping Giant” series helping men see their power, promise and potential. When you catch this vision, it changes how you see yourself, how you see men in the congregation and men in the community. Learning from the story of Jephthah, King David and King Josiah, watch this video to see how God is raising up men to form ranks around leaders in their church to kick some enemy butt.

Sleeping Giant Part 3

By Kenny Luck - 6/2/2012

There’s war on, which side are you on? Pastor Kenny Luck says men are being lured into being sons of culture, instead of sons of the covenant available in Christ. In part three of the Sleeping Giant series, Kenny examines the battle between culture and covenant. Men must choose sides, pick up the mantle of responsibility and take action. Watch this message, examine your heart, because that’s what God is interested in.

Sleeping Giant Part 4

By Kenny Luck - 6/2/2012

Reaching God’s destination for you is not a sprint. It’s a marathon that requires focus on building healthy relationships. To do that, you have to avoid the dragon of distraction, diversion and, the badge of honor, in our culture-- busyness. In part four in the Slaying the Dragon series, Pastor Kenny Luck teaches what the Bible says about relationships and how to enhance them, knowing the enemy is at war against them. Watch this and begin to decelerate to appreciate God and others.

Sleeping Giant Part 5

By Kenny Luck - 6/3/2012

Awakening the sleeping giant, takes more than an alarm clock. In part five of the “Sleeping Giant” series, Pastor Kenny Luck explains there is “no move of God without men of God.” By tracking the priority of men, promise of men, and power of men, we learn men in the church and community are critical to God’s mission. Watch this and learn from Jesus, Peter, the first ‘men’s group’ and Paul’s secret to building up men.



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