Road to Glory 5 Part Series

5 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

In team sports, we celebrate “magical” seasons when the right mix of players, talent, hard work, and passion all come together to win the ultimate prize. All fans and all teams hope and pray this will “our year.” In Road to Glory: The Ultimate Prize you will see how God has very high hopes for his teams and his men who have been selected and brought together to win a season in time for the glory of God. Men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck is going to reveal God’s pattern with five different leaders and five different teams. Like these men, your team is made up of individuals that must work together, rise above challenges, keep showing up, and focus on the prize.

Road to Glory Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

Big jobs require great leaders. Great leaders need great teams to see the vision realized. Moses was a great leader but he wasn't getting the most out of his team. In fact, Moses was oblivious to the talent he had on the bench that needed to be called into the game. In Session I men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck enters Moses’ story and reveals the key factors that allowed Moses and his men make a magical run in their season in time for the glory of God.

Road to Glory Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

When a key player goes down to injury or you lose them for the whole season in sport, other players must rise, perform, and lead. After the death of Moses, Joshua did all three of these but not without first battling fear and self doubt. In Session 2 men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck takes you on Joshua’s experience of getting called into the “Coach’s Office” because his team needed him. More importantly, God needed him and was ready to help both the man and his team succeed.

Road to Glory Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

In every championship season, leaders emerge, individuals rise, and teams “click.” In the process have no idea they will make history and never be forgotten. They are simply fighting, enduring, and hoping to catch a few breaks. In Session 3 men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck talks about a team of men who achieved the impossible for God in his season of time with his men. King Josiah was eight years old when he assumed the throne and followed 15 losing seasons run by the Kings before him. But Josiah and his men, like the other leaders and teams in this series, made their “run” did what never had been done before.

Road to Glory Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

In order for a winning team to have a winning season vision, belief, discipline, commitment, and sacrifice is required. In Session IV men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck looks at one of the most cohesive, effective, and winning teams in history God has ever assemble for his purposes. See what God called a king named David and his team to do and how they did it

Road to Glory Session 5

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

Three years. Twelve man team. Twenty centuries of impact. We name our sons Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Peter. Jesus had them for season and they made a game changing run for the glory of God that has stood the test of time. Jesus didn't want his team to remain in the audience of history, he wanted them advancing his cause within history. In this final session, men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck looks at how he did it, is still doing it, and what it means for your team of men in this “season” of history.



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