Backs to the Wall 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 11/6/2013

When a man has his “back against the wall” it means that he has limited options and will be forced to react.  Time is up.  The military term is called encirclement and no army puts itself in this position on purpose.  The tide of battle has turned, circumstances have tipped the wrong way, and your freedom to maneuver are gone.  We are witnessing an unprecedented cultural transformation that is increasingly putting Christianity and a life of faith to the test.  Complete redefinitions of the family, of sexuality, of masculinity, marriage, and a host of other social issues are leading to a growing cultural conflict and YOU are in the middle of it.  The middle ground has been vaporized and the situation is calling all men who claim faith in Jesus to an uncomfortable but necessary choice—blend or battle.  Join men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck for this powerful four part series on culture and Christianity.

Backs to the Wall, Session 1-Choosing Your Identity

By Kenny Luck - 11/6/2013

Historically, when the tide of a culture turns against God it exposes the real convictions and beliefs inside of a man.  either he will “tap out” or “tap into” his convictions.  Nothing is off the table.  When that happens he must choose an identity that helps him stand in the pressure or he will give in to the pressure of the prevailing morality.  Join men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck as he makes the case for having a strong identity in Christ under the pressure of a cultural attack on people of faith.

Backs to the Wall, Session 2-Choosing Your Source of Authority

By Kenny Luck - 11/6/2013

Standing firm spiritually doesn’t just involve remembering, re-choosing and settling on your true identity, it also involves deciding who or what gets to decide good and evil and right and wrong. You? Others? Or God? How do you answer the question: What is my source of authority? When our backs are to the wall we need a clear reason from a powerful source if we are to stand firm and act like men.

Backs to the Wall, Session 3 - Choosing Your Morality

By Kenny Luck - 11/7/2013

A cultural compression of values and beliefs requires a strong identity, a strong source of authority, and, most importantly, a morality that gives expression to both.
Morality answers the question: who gets to decide right or wrong under pressure? It guides a man in a way of being, believing, and behaving that achieves his best intentions versus sabotage them. In this hard hitting session, you will explore that men and societies do not survive self serving morality and be given a path for a God and people serving morality that has been proven out.

Backs to the Wall, Session 4 - Accepting Unpopularity

By Kenny Luck - 11/7/2013

In today’s culture every view is valid along with every person’s moral behavior, sexual expression, family structure, and community of acceptance.  The new morality is so politically and digitally pervasive it creates the assumption that every one just agrees and that you are already “on board” with what everyone is accepting and saying.  Your morality is being defined for you.  Or you stand up for your convictions and beliefs.  Then what?  You get a label.  You pay a price.  You get socially sentenced to isolation and ridicule.  You become (gasp) unpopular.



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