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4 Part Series

Comeback Story 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 1/10/2017

Think “Rocky.”  Think “Gladiator.”  Think “Unbroken.” ...

6 Part Series

Sex, Love, Date 6 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 2/10/2015

Sex, Love, Date takes young adults and those who are leading them into the most sensitive and &ldquo...

3 Part Series

As One: Sharing Christ's Mission - 3 Part Series

By JP Jones - 10/22/2014

Every man of God's mission is Christ's mission.  No more. No less.  It is the greatest cha...

4 Part Series

Married with Kids, 4 Part Series

By Michael Fletcher - 10/8/2014

Whoever said that "marriage and family"; was easy was either single or a liar. No way around it, fam...

6 Part Series

The Kingdom, 6 Part Series

By Michael Fletcher - 9/26/2014

It's a story of violence and peace; of intrigue and romance; of revolution and redemption. It's a st...

6 Part Series

How to Get Promoted, 6 Part Series

By Michael Fletcher - 9/17/2014

Want to get ahead in life? Who better to ask for advice than those who are already there? Based on t...

4 Part Series

Sex: Which Side Of The Bed Are You On? 4 Part Series

By Michael Fletcher - 9/3/2014

Man was made by God to be human along with all the stuff that goes with being human - the urges, the...

6 Part Series

Model Man: From Integrity to Legacy

By Larry Stockstill - 7/24/2014

Our burden is that every Christian man would move from being a "mediocre man" to a "model man." With...

3 Part Series

Take Your Place 3 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/23/2014

In today’s world standing out is easy if you are a man.  All we have to do is to take res...

8 Part Series

Holy Shift! 7 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/1/2014

Change is ground zero in the spiritual life.  The moment we decide to commit energy for the pur...

7 Part Series

Forward: A 7 Part Series

By Joe Champion - 2/14/2014

Pastor Joe Champion teaches us how to move Forward with our Faith

2 Part Series

Pure Sex: Two Part Series

By Joe Champion - 2/7/2014

With a society that now glorifies promiscuity more than ever before, it is often difficult for belie...

2 Part Series

TWOgether 2 Part Series

By Joe Champion - 1/29/2014

A relationship series by Pastors Joe and Lori Champion

4 Part Series

Financial Freedom 4 Part Series

By Chris Hodges - 12/19/2013

Mortgage payments, credit cards, investments, bills and hope. Let's face it, when it comes to our fi...

6 Part Series

Real Life 6 Part Series

By Chris Hodges - 12/5/2013

Coca-Cola in a bottle; it brings back memories of the good old days when values were important. The ...

1 Part Series

God Meant It For Good

By Choco de Jesus - 11/26/2013

Pastor Choco talks about God's meaning for us and how he turns around events in our lives for good n...

1 Part Series

Amazing Faith

By Choco de Jesus - 11/22/2013

Pastor Choco talks about what it is to have amazing faith.

4 Part Series

Fear to Faith 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 11/14/2013

There is something inside of us that doesn’t like having limits placed upon us. We fear that t...

4 Part Series

Backs to the Wall 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 11/6/2013

When a man has his “back against the wall” it means that he has limited options and will...

6 Part Series

Making Your Mark

By Kenny Luck - 11/6/2013

Every man leaves a mark on earth.  What kind of mark we leave depends on our beliefs about our ...

3 Part Series

Better Together 3 Part Series

By Judah Smith - 10/17/2013

Life is better when shared with others! This summer series focuses on relationships, love, and authe...

6 Part Series

The Song of Songs 6 Part Series

By Ben Stuart - 9/25/2013

Pastor Ben Stuart teaches a 6 part series on Sex, Love and Marriage

4 Part Series

Treatment-4 Part Series

By Steven Furtick - 9/20/2013

No one wants to admit they have issues. We'd rather keep our problems to oursleves. But you're not a...

1 Part Series

Love That Endures

By Jud Wilhite - 9/19/2013

To have the kind of love that endures, you have to base it on more than looks or superficial things,...

1 Part Series

Facing Conflict

By Jud Wilhite - 9/19/2013

Conflict is something we all face in relationships. Whether it's in a dating relationship, in our fa...

1 Part Series

Being Dateable

By Jud Wilhite - 9/19/2013

Single people describe the world of dating as confusing, difficult and nerve-wracking. At times it c...

5 Part Series

Mr. & Mrs. Betterhalf 5 Part Series

By Steven Furtick - 9/11/2013

This is not a marriage series. This is a hope-inspiring, life-giving, story about relationships. Thi...

9 Part Series

Real Marriage 9 Part Series

By Mark Driscoll - 9/6/2013

This is not your average sermon series on marriage. We won't give you five steps to happiness. We wo...

5 Part Series

The 7 Minute Marriage Solution

By Steve Arterburn - 8/28/2013

If you're thinking the 7-minute solution to a happier marriage sounds far too simplistic, even a bit...

4 Part Series

Soul Detox 4 Part Series

By Craig Groeschel - 8/16/2013

What's chipping away at your soul? What's getting in the way of you becoming the person God created ...

5 Part Series

From This Day Forward 5 Part Series

By Craig Groeschel - 8/13/2013

Tired of watching marriages crumble? Fed up with couples giving up? Would you like to guarantee that...

4 Part Series

Samson 4 Part Series

By Craig Groeschel - 8/9/2013

Think you're strong? Even our best intentions can falter when we face temptation and distraction. Jo...

1 Part Series

An Invitation to Be Second

By Judah Smith - 8/2/2013

The opportunity to follow Jesus is the greatest invitation in history, offering us unprecedented acc...

1 Part Series

Finding the Cause Within you

By Matthew Barnett - 8/2/2013

As God's man often our dreams have to die for us to find them. But when we are willing to let go of ...

1 Part Series

Following Jesus Instead of Seeking Acceptance

By Pete Wilson - 8/2/2013

We might say we want to follow Jesus, but the fact is that men are often are driven by the opinions ...

1 Part Series

Spiritual Birth

By Mark Driscoll - 7/17/2013

In this powerful session, Pastor Mark Driscoll shoots straight with men. It’s not enough to be born...

1 Part Series

When Life Is Messy

By Jud Wilhite - 7/16/2013

All men who are honest know that life is messy. When those times come there is a temptation to gravi...

1 Part Series

100x Living: The Sign of Followers of Jesus

By Doug Fields - 7/16/2013

Are you a “Christian” or a follower of Jesus? Pastor Doug Fields is going to show you the differenc...

5 Part Series

Road to Glory 5 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

In team sports, we celebrate “magical” seasons when the right mix of players, talent, hard work, and...

5 Part Series

Work In Progress 5 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 7/9/2013

Guys are about getting there and fast. This aspect about us is helpful some of the time but not help...

4 Part Series

Face Time 4 part series

By Kenny Luck - 5/13/2013

IF a relationship is REAL there is no substitute for FACE TIME with the other person. It makes visib...

3 Part Series

The Father Factor 3 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 4/9/2013

Every man is on a powerful quest for validation. It is in us and never leaves us. We want to know th...

4 Part Series

The Sex Series 4 part series

By Kenny Luck - 11/14/2012

Sex. Say no more. It is the wallpaper of our lives—at every level. Men, women, children, marri...

4 Part Series

Be Her Hero: How Not To Suck As A Husband 4 Part Series

By Doug Fields - 11/13/2012

Let's get honest--most men need as much help as they can get to make their marriage better. This ser...

4 Part Series

Sink or Swim 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 11/7/2012

As a "leader" your "ship" is carrying precious cargo—people. Some people board your ship for s...

4 Part Series

I Hate It But I Love It 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 10/12/2012

To achieve ANYTHING worthwhile and meaningful requires sacrifice, discomfort, and pain. This is the ...

3 Part Series

Taking the Offensive 3 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 9/10/2012

"Taking the Offensive"; God's man does not live accidently or emotionally, he lives intelligently an...

4 Part Series

Unbroken 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

"Unbroken" Adversity makes and breaks men. Even the best of men can be worn down over time and spit ...

4 Part Series

Uprising 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 8/2/2012

"Uprising" A decade of destiny is beginning. An uprising. A rebellion against broken masculinity. A ...

4 Part Series

Aggressive Spirit 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 8/1/2012

“Aggressive Spirit" When we say that a man is aggressive it can be either bad or good. When th...

3 Part Series

The Reveal 3 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

"The Reveal" It is an advent series on how God reveals himself to men. The Bible emphasizes that whe...

5 Part Series

One Life 5 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

“One Life" Why does it take either trauma or regret to motivate a man to make changes he neede...

4 Part Series

The Mantle 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 7/16/2012

"The Mantle" Something that covers or surrounds something else. When it comes to your family God say...

4 Part Series

Fantasy Island 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/27/2012

Fantasy. Diversions. Escapism. Vicarious experiences. Men engaged in fantasy football leagues ma...

4 Part Series

Say No to Say Yes 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/25/2012

Say "No" 2 Say "Yes" The spiritual war for your energy and expression is on. Between existing demand...

4 Part Series

The Pain and the "But" 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

The Pain and the "But" Every man experiences pain in one former another. But few men redeem it and u...

14 Part Series

The New Normal 14 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

The New Normal 14 Part Series

6 Part Series

Digging Deep 6 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

"Digging Deep" When men know there is gold below the surface, they will go to great lengths to mine ...

5 Part Series

Slaying the Dragon 5 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

"Slaying the Dragon" Let’s face it: repeated failure depresses men. The same obstacle. The sam...

4 Part Series

Crazy Stupid Good 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

“Crazy. Stupid, Good” It’s just not seen normal. Some guys know something others d...

3 Part Series

Bringing Out the Best 3 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

"Bringing Out the Best" What happens to people AFTER they come in contact with you? Encouraged or dr...

5 Part Series

Sleeping Giant 5 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/2/2012

"Sleeping Giant" It is ground zero for the church. It’s full power and promise rest in the hands it...



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