I learned that I can become a better father, husband, son, brother, and friend. I can also become a better disciple of Christ. I need to sacrifice more and have more discussion with other men. I would like to spread more of Christ's love to other people and share with them how God has blessed me. I also need to trust Him more and surrender to His plans for my life. 


This conference was the best prepared, purpose designed seminars I've attended. I know God is working in my life, but I still resist selfishly. I wish I would have invited more people to this. Kenny, I commend you for a masterful job of delivering your message. I will do what you said and study this book and make the effort to apply these principles. 

Doug H

Awesome! I look forward to starting a new journey with God. It's nice to hear that guys around me have the same problems as I do. I've slipped out of my box, and I'm happy I did. I look forward to reading Sleeping Giant and using this experience in my life! Thank you Kenny!


This showed me to have no excuses on standing up and being a man of God for myself and my family. I need to have integrity in my home and in God's house and practice what Jesus preaches. I need to be a man and lead my family and home to eternal salvation by being light and mentor for them. 


It was awesome to have this opportunity to be so challenged and encouraged surrounded by other Christian men and be spoken to collectively and personally. I was spoken to about how necessary it is to live and grow in community. I have felt ongoing defeat trying to stuggle on my own, but I know that I need community going forward. 

Michael T

This conference stoked the flame inside me to realize that I need to make a daily committment to keep the flame of my faith and walk with God. Burning at full capacity: I will be a better child of God, husband, and brother to my small group as a result. Thank you for all that you do Kenny. 

Jason G

I am a pastor of a local church in town. We as a church have been struggling; recently we started a men's small group; this conference has put some great tools in our tool belt. Personally, I value this weekend deeply. I have been so tired and have not been leading courageously. I have determined to be "God's man" and lead courageously and take men along with me. 


Great recruiting tool to bring men to attend men's groups. Men need to be pushed hard and often. Your ministry makes a big difference in men and their families. 


Awesome and inspiring! Encouraged me to face my issue of feeling a lack of confidence in who I am as a man, husband, father, and Christ follower. I am committing to accept God's truth that I am His son, that I am loved by Him, and that I have been created by Him. I am a believer and I am committed to overcoming this stronghold in my life through God's help. 


This summit has really re-ignited my passion. It really made me look at how I want to live my life and how I need to model my life for my son. 


It gave me allowance to sit with other men and talk through things that matter. We can pray for the physical needs of people because those are important, but the deeper spitiual needs in us men are more important for the Kingdom. We must be men of God who lead this charge of God to rally the people of God to change lives. 


I am very ecited to make a change that will impact my family, friends, and coworkers and maybe one day the world. Thank you so much for giving me the kick in the ass I needed to make my faith personal and to live for my heavenly Father every day. 


Very inspired to lead my small group with greater vision and inspiration. Great words, content, and videos! Excellent presentation! I learned a great deal to assist me personally and lead and influence others. 


I need to stop walking alone and have a select group of strong men around me. I am the 90% who does not have a close guy friend to call any time. This will and today and I will become connected with strong men of God.

Bob W

This conference was a step in a process that began several years ago. It reinforced my desire to seek and pursue God, to enter into accountability for my most important issue, and to understand mechanisms that will lead me to ultimate freedom from the temptation that has pursued me. 


Very powerful and provoking. You put things into words in a way that I have not considered. You gave hope to someone from a broken family and offered healing rather than just condolences.


Awesome! You got to the core of issues, obviously completely related to men's issues. Don't change anything! Wish you and the ministry continued success. 


Excellent! I was inspired and motivated to join the weekly Bible study and get connected with other men.


Excellent. There was lots of information and ideas I can use for connecting men at our campus. Ignite is a giant model for moving forward.


God has spoken through this conference and is leading me to build a solid plan and code of conduct. I am to be an activated man of God who is secure and ready to lead others. This will be a process for me, but I am ready. There has to be an end to me living for myself and others. It is time for me to live completely for God. This conference has given me fire in my life. I'm going to keep the flame strong! 


I never would have thought I would go to a conference like this. Everything Kenny said was right on the spot. I am desperately wanting to rise and get stronger as a man of the church. I want to be part of the army. Ignite has started the fire in me! Thank you Kenny for everything and speaking to men like me!

Kevin L

Thank you for a well rounded presentation. You have motivated me Kenny to continue encouraging the men of my church to increase their personal intimacy with our Lord Jesus and to not only learn to stand alone in the midst of cultural oppostion, but also to join with other believing brothers to stand firm together - united in Him. 

Dave B

I needed this conference. I have been walking around defeated, with doubt, and lost about how to get back to where I want to be in my relationship with God. This was an amazing tool to help me and remind me of how to do just that. 


The conference is amazing. It has all the components I need to get my life into a better direction on becoming more focused on getting spiritually stronger. 


This conference was very refreshing and enabled me to connect with other like minded men. It challenged me to share some personal challenges with a group of people I had just met. From this conference I hope to fully engage in the men's group. 


The conference was great! Many things were learned. On most topics it was like getting private council, but throughout this conference I learned that I felt that way beacuse I'm not alone! Thank you very much Kenny! I hope one day to be able to touch people's lives the way you do. 


I needed to hear and instill in me that God is waiting for me to be His man. God has been pushing me to get connected with other men who are committed. I am missing out in God's promises and the joy of growing in the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for the awakening. 


I was truly conficted by a couple topics Kenny covered. I am an engineer by profession, my job is to lead and have a stong mind, but I have not kept my mind and soul managed as well as I thought. It's time for me to take a stand in my personal life! Thank you Kenny for your words.


Re-energized to lead my family to a new level. I want to focus on being a stronger husband and father, as God desires, to further increase my time spent with God in prayer and reading, to be better prepared to strengthen my family, and to raise my family's confiction in the world to stand for Christ and His Word.


Totally "blown away" with the hope and freedom path presented at the conference. Just what my soul needed!!!  

Jim M

Re-ignited my desire to live a strong and faithful life as a husband, father, and son. It has really made me think about my life and what I do, what I need to do to improve, and what I need to continue to do. 


Very informative. It maded me open my eyes to my family's needs from me. I learned that I am not alone and that I need help. I learned that this won't be an easy process, but it can be done. 

Michael S

It is the exact meassage I need for my life today and where I am in my life. Thank you so much for doing this and I am very excited to get started on becoming a godly man!


I really feel empowered to transform my life. I liked the blalance of comedy, visuals, Scripture, and personalization of real life experiences. 


I was unbelievably satisfied with this conference. It has opened my eyes and thoughts of how I can become the man that God wants me to become. 


Very effective way to reach men for Christ. I would like to support and encourage others to get connected. 

Luis F

It has re-ignited me to do right. I have recently worked through an addictive behavior. I need encouragement to continue to do right. 


Eye opening. Made me look at myself and realize I have work to do. It also gave me motivation and showed me why I need to make changes. It showed me how far I was away from God. I attend church weekly, but I was not getting the connection I was needing. This conference helped me restart that connection. 


It was very inspiring and rewarding. It was recommended by a very special female friend. I'm just thrilled and glad I took her advice. A spark has been re-ignited and I re-kindled the pursuit of freedom through God.


Thank you for opening my eyes to the importance of connection. May God bless your ministry to ignite the men of this world. 


The conference was a great way for me to be reminded of what I should truly be as a man of God. Being a part of a men's small group and having two sons, I want them all to be able to see my love for Christ in a way that only God could show it to them. The statement of my life reflecting my personal connection to the cross really hits a soft spot in showing that I do have more work to do but I am striving to do my best in making that active and real in my life. As simple as that statement is, it will definitely challenge me more now that I've seen and soaked it in. The words of this conference have definitely made a big and lasting impact on where my life goes after I leave this building.


I felt strengthened, ignited, and thirsting for more. I realized I have so far to go, but I have the right sate of mind and heart to get there. To be a better man, to be a better leader. I'm so desperate to be in Christ's love. 

Erik P

This time has showed me how being connected to other Christian men is so important. I have neglected it for awhile, but I am going to start staying connected more. 

Jim B

I thank God for speaking through you. I am thankful for the motivation to continue forward in my purpose and calling to challenge men through my book and speaking opportunities. I, too, am driven to awaken the Sleeping Giant in all men who will hear His voice. 

Jim P

This, without a doubt, is one of the best things I've done. It provided me with a philosophy and tools to be a man of God and a leader in my community and family. 


Thank you for sharing. This is a topic that I feel a call to get involved. Over the last four years or so my life has changed dramatically. This is the most important "man topic" and the world needs to hear for us as men. 


It was very informative Biblically and professionally. It was also very current and relevant. Thank you.


The conference was great. I realized that I need to attend a men's small group weekly. I've realized how I can't do life alone. I need to be surrounded by other men that are further along in their walk than I am. I really like the stops portion of the conference and how being under pressure makes you stronger. 


This conference was amazing. I'm beginning to understand what it means to be a man. It addressed the heart of the issues I'm currently dealing with. 


A good overview to the steps to becoming a better man in God. I agree with everything you said. Men need men, as iron sharpens iron, Thank you for the work you and your team are doing. May God bless you and help you. 


Thank God for this opportunity. I learned a lot that I will be trying to work on in my everyday life to be a better wife and mother.


It was the most awesome experience I ever had... in my life. This event let me connect to my 25 year old son and share God and our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! 

Allen G

Great way to grab the men of this church who may have wandered away and bring them back to what's most important. 


This weekend was a great equipping session that I, a young married man that grew up without a father, needed! I believe God brought me to this conference to heal me in areas that needed to be healed, to equip me in areas that needed to be equipped, and to show and affirm His Fatherly love for me. I grew up not knowing a father's love and I finally feel like I am whole and loved because of the way this conference's message was delivered. So thank you Kenny, and God bless your ministry. 


Today was a great introduction to Everyman. So good!! I want to encourage him to be the man God has called him to be. 


This conference has ignited my walk with Christ. I felt dead, lost, and confused. The truth that was spoken during this conference has restored me as a son of God. Thank you. I want to be used by God as you are, Kenny. He has called me to love the world as Jesus did, and this conference has inspired me to renew my calling. 

Michael D

The conference really helped me understand how important it is to connect with other Christian men in my spiritual journey. Building a relationship with God is a daily battle. So this ministry is amazing!


Clear steps. First time I felt I had a clear direction to take in my walk with Jesus. Thank you for movement! 


Awesome! I agree that in the western culture the male culture is at times beaten, in other cultures it's the women. So it was wonderful that you talked about both cultures and global! Also, sharing your story helped to understand where you were coming from. 


I've been shown a clearer direction and have been given more tools to deal with life; temptation etc. The spark has been set in me to be a better man, leader, and example. I want to be a better son of God, led by God. 


This was a great conference. I made a commitment to go to the Thursday night men's group. I need a true friend that is not superficial. I am one of the 90% of guys that need this! I am going to be in the 10% from now on. I have found no strength in isolation. 

Michael M

Powerful weekend. I understand more of what I am called to be as a man of God. I feel empowered to fight for what is mine and for the call of God that He has place on my life.


Before coming to Centre St. we attented a small church, the lack of male leadership was very noticable. We need the stength and leadership of our men. 


Your message brought home how desperately the world, America, and the church needs strong, godly men to rise up. I was inspired to rise up in my church and family, and you provided Scriptures and thoughts that will help me focus and stay dedicated in my new reslove. Thank you and God bless!


It was a great encouragement for me spiritually to stand tall and strong as a man of God. I want to impact my familty and my children and others too. Thanks Kenny. God bless you more and your men's ministry. 


What a wake up call. These three sessions helped me open my eyes to understanding what kind of man I am. What a gift. I would recommend this to more of my friends, and I would attend again in the future as a refresher. Thank you for responding to God's prompting in your life, Kenny. God is clearly working through you and I am thankful and feel blessed to have received this message. God bless!


Really good! Please talk with men about taking initiative and setting priorities in life.


Very refreshing and eye opening. It makes us realize how important it is as men to be leaders for Christ. It's a shame we don't take more of a stand and make a difference for Christ!! Thanks Kenny!!


Very, very powerful topics for men of God. I opened my mind and heart about fatherhood, on how I will be a good one with the help and guidence of Jesus Christ and His Word. 


Excellent conference that really re-ignited me. Thank you Kenny!!! So glad I decided to come. I really understand now where my insecurity originated, but more importantly I have a loving, heavenly Father who created me, loves me, and wants me to succeed. 


Great conversation! I am so blessed by my husband of three years and as we have our first child on the way I know we face change in our relationship, but I want to continue to love and encourage him.


I enjoyed the conference and it has helped me to equip myself to be a better man by using Biblical principles and Scriptures to achieve that. My dad died when I was very young and I missed out on the things disucssed in Get Secure. I was able to pray and began to understand the way God the Father feels towards me. 


Where are all the men? This place should have been packed to the rafters! This world would be shaken if all the Christian men would receive the great teaching we received through these sessions! I need to continue to learn and to be a part of this movement. I (we) need to connect with other men and the world around us. 

Bob K

It confirmed that I've slipped from my father duties and that I have to reconnect with my sons and wife. Kenny has brought up things that I have never got from my father that would have changed the way I would have lived. Thanks for your help and sincerity of God's love for everyone that is here and in the world.


Thank you for obeying God in sharing your down-to-earth, authentic teaching for who God made both male and female to be! God bless you!


The message and delivery was profound. I was invited last minute and was reluctant to come, but I am blessed and thankful to hear the message and to fellowship with wonderful men. Most of all, I'm thankful for getting close with the Lord. 


Thought provoking. It helped me understand some things about myself, especially the get secure part. It really made me see the need for community with other men.


My desire is to establish this Everyman's Ministry in my local church. I really liked the mentoring and accountability that the ministry is centered on. 


Within the first fifteen minutes of the meeting, God spoke to me on some areas of my life I was flip flopping on. God used you Kenny to straighten out my path. Thank you for being God's servent and sharing your heart and God's love. Overall, very uplifting and encouraging sessions on being a man and a servant, yet a son of God.


God has placed on my heart to be the man that he has called me to be for my fellow man, children, and wife. I think we as younger men need to connect with older men who can pass the torch to us so we can continue to carry it. 


I did not have the money to attend but felt I needed to be there. The day before the conference I was blessed with unexpected money to attend. I learned a lot and because of your inspiration, want to be closer to God. I want to be a better man, father, and son. It felt nice to hear that I am not the only man who struggles.


Loved it! Prayer answered for courageous godly men to challenge the men of the nation for the cause of Christ in the advent of Christ's return.


Fantastic: What a godly man Kenny is, I love how he is able to communicate "truth" to all of us, women included. He is so gracious! Bring him back anytime! Best Friday afternoon spent here!