“With an authentic voice, Kenny Luck leads with the essence of what it really means to be “every man”. His style is relatable, effective and firmly rooted with biblical integrity. Sleeping Giant is a powerful tool that will elevate you and the men in your church to the next level!”

Joe Champion, founding and senior pastor, Celebration Church

And author of Rocked

Joe Champion

"Saddleback Church is built on a strong foundation of men—strong, respected, godly men who lead by authentic example, through honest communi­cation and inspirational action in our church. In Sleeping Giant, my men's pastor Kenny Luck gives you a local church blueprint for moving men from being an audience sitting in a seat to becoming an army marching on the field in your congregation. Discover the pathway to engaging the men in your church to be all God intended them to be as they serve as leaders, counselors, shepherds, hus­bands, and fathers. Sleeping Giant shares the secret to building a healthy leader-making growth and development engine that supports the vision of your church." —Rick Warren, founding pastor, Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life Watch a message

Rick Warren

"Sleeping Giant does what it infers—awakening men to their calling and potential. Every pastor, church, and leader that desires to activate men for God's work should read this book, and so should every man. Its a life-changer and a church-changer."

—George O. Wood, general superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

George O. Wood

"Kenny takes on the monumental task of rightly charging men with their biblical roles as husbands, leaders, fathers, and much more. He examines the current trends of media and society that continually push men into a less than masculine role and contrasts them with God's design for men. Kenny has written a great book that can lead men and men's ministries to the rightful place in Gods economy."

—Bryant Wright, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and senior pastor, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia

Bryant Wright

"We were struggling to establish a dynamic men’s ministry. That is no longer the case. Our church now has new men’s small groups meeting weekly, with plans for expansion and leadership development in the future thanks to Kenny's model represented in Sleeping Giant, It started a revolution that infected our men, their marriages, and our overall leadership." —Kevin Springer pastor of life development. Living Oaks Community Church, Newbury Park, California, and author of Power Evangelism

Kevin Springer

"The mission of God advances most powerfully when God's men are engaged and deployed. As the church has struggled to enlist men over the past decades, Kenny Luck has faithfully and effectively led an army of men in the mission of God. Sleeping Giant skillfully shows church leaders how to reach and launch men into a world of great need for God's great glory. Devour this book!" —Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources

Thom S. Rainer

''Sleeping Giant is a masterpiece! As I read it my heart leaped inside. I cant wait for pastors and men's ministry leaders to begin using it to awaken the sleeping giant in their churches and communities to reach and transform broken culture." —Keith Burkhart, Baptist General Convention, Family and Men's Ministry

Keith Burkhart

"I loved it! I have been working with men for the past twenty years of my life and this book is the best book on how to minister to I have read, because it comes from someone who is actually doing it in the context of the local church. It is a must read for any pastor or leader serious about awakening the sleeping giant of the church—the men. Thank you, Kenny." —Steve Sonderman, associate pastor of men's ministry, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, Wisconsin, and founder of No Regrets Men's Ministry

Steve Sonderman

"In Sleeping Giant Kenny puts his finger on the pulse of where masculin­ity is today, correctly diagnosing the challenges before the church, and giving the church a solid course of action to activate men for their kingdom mission. Sleeping Giant will move men from the audiences of the church to the armies of the church, unleashing the '800-pound Gorilla' for battle. I believe this could lead to a worldwide revival of men and the church!" -Kevin Trick, community pastor- men's ministry, Centre Street Church, Calgary, Alberta

Kevin Trick

"Kenny Luck has a proven track record of raising up a generation of godly men and equipping them to make a difference. Sleeping Giant is solid, empow­ering, and biblical. I highly recommend this book for you and your church." —Chris Hodges, founding and senior pastor, Church of the Highlands

Chris Hodges

"This book is neither flamboyant nor extravagant . . . it's not melodra­matic or controversial—it is simply helpful. Few books that I have seen in recent years so explores unexplored potential in the church as this one does. Kenny Luck has offered an opportunity that we must not miss. Here is help for all of us, don't miss it!" —Rev. Dr. Clive Calver, senior pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church, Bethel, Connecticut, and former president of World Relief

Rev. Dr. Clive Calver

"Church ministry can be all consuming. The opportunities and the needs seem endless. Rarely does the servant leader have the legitimate chance to step aside and reflect on the dreams that brought him into ministry. I am here to tell you that Sleeping Giant will fuel new dreams for your ministry. What would it look like if the men in and around your church began to operate fully under the lordship of Christ, become spiritual leaders in their homes, and then out of their homes, stand tall for Christ in the community and enthusiastically align the vision and mission for your church? Wow! I would urge you to allow God to use Kenny Luck and Sleeping Giant to fuel these dreams." —Brian Doyle, founder and president of Iron Sharpens Iron

Brian Doyle

"Many books contain filler you have to dig through to find the nuggets of truth. No so in Sleeping Giant. I found it impossible to run or skip through the book; instead I had to walk slowly, stop and think, and even sit a while and reflect on the insights that touched my mind and my heart. Sleeping Giant opens the wound many churches are ignoring or covering over and provides strong medicine for not only healing but for thriving. I appreciate how Kenny speaks from a wealth of practical, hands on experiences with real men in real churches. No theoretical solutions, unrealistic suggestions or guilt tripping here. Thank you Kenny for caring enough about the church and God's people to help put our feet back on the right track." —Tom Blackaby, coauthor of The Man God Uses, The Family God Uses, and many others and international director of Blackaby Ministries International

Tom Blackaby

"Unless the American church seriously overhauls its approach to reaching and teaching men, our country may be in for a long spiritual winter. Sleeping Giant is a great resource to help us identify and solve one of our nation's most urgent needs—calling and equipping men to lead God-centered lives." —Mark Merrill, president, Family First and All Pro Dad

Mark Merrill

"Kenny Luck makes the statement in Sleeping Giant, 'Inspiration without progression leads to confusion.' This is true in so many churches with men's groups. We inspire men but then don't give an outlet for action. Sleeping Giant is the action step. our church just recently started applying the action steps of Get In, Get Healthy, Get Strong, and Get Going in our weekly men's group. I highly recommend Sleeping Giant. It will transform the men in our church, their homes, and their community."

Rick Friesen, Executive Pastor, Abundant Life Baptist Church, Lee's Summit, Missouri

Rick Friesen

"As one of the most respected men's ministry leaders in the country, Luck has taken his years of hard-earned experience to create a rare and effective resource for pastors who struggle to enlist men into God's magnanimous will. I especially appreciate his emphasis on justice in Sleeping Giants which is so important to God and to male spirituality. Consume this manifesto. Deploy its power today." —Paul Coughlin, author of No More Christian Nice Guy and founder of The Protectors: Freedom From Bullying-Courage and Character for Life

Paul Coughlin

"Life is a game and we are the players. Having a Game Plan for Life con­tinues to be my message for men. In Sleeping Giant, Kenny gives us a view of the team that was 2-14 and missed the playoffs. When the players caught the vision of the coach and worked together for the same goal, they found them­selves competing for a championship. The time is now for men in the church to get up and get in the game!" —Joe Gibbs, three-time Super Bowl winning NFL coach, three-time NASCAR Championship team owner, and two-time NHRA Pro Stock team owner, and author of Game Plan for Life

Joe Gibbs

"I think it s obvious in today's family unit that most men have fumbled the ball in their role as spiritual leader. Kenny Luck shares with us the right game plan for men to re-establish their God ordained responsibilities. I highly rec­ommend this book for any pastor, husband, father, or young man who wants to be a godly role model in today's society." —Tommy Bowden, FOX sports analyst and former head football coach, Clemson University

Tommy Bowden

"Too often, in today's politically correct culture, men have become afraid to step out into spiritual leadership. Kenny Luck's Sleeping Giant is a wake-up call. It's a manifesto for the kind of difference men can make when they're unafraid to make a difference." —Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing

Phil Cooke

"Sleeping Giant calls out to awaken men in the church today. As Jethro chal­lenged Moses, 'What you are doing is not good' (Exod. 18:17), even Moses needed leaders around him; and those leaders were waiting and ready to be called. We need to see men activated and raised up together to carry the mantle of leadership in our areas of influence. It's going to take men stirred from their slumber—encour­aged, equipped, empowered, then released as men of strength and full of courage. Sleeping Giant will awaken and ignite the men of the church." —Russell Verhey, men's pastor, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Russell Verhey

"Since the moment God created Adam and gave him 'dominion' over the earth, God has put 'conquering energy' inside the heart of every man. While this 'conquering energy' has at times through history been used for evil—God intended it to be used for good. There is an 'unstoppable' force for good that is lying dormant in our society! That unstoppable God given force is lying dormant inside our churches. In a society that has marginalized the role of men that 'unstop­pable' force for good is lying dormant inside of men. But Sleeping Giant promises to be an "awakening"! Men are waking up all over America to their true identity and are embarking on a journey to their God-given destiny! Men were born for battle. With Kenny

Phil Hopper

"There is no greater need in the church today than to mobilize God's men for kingdom work. With Sleeping Giant, Kenny Luck has provided the body of Christ with a catalyst for unleashing the explosive power of truly discipled men—and not a moment too soon." —Chris Shirley, Ph.D., assistant professor of Adult Ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

Chris Shirley

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