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Looking to start a men's ministry in your church, small group, or to put some life back into an existing one, then the Sleeping Giant process is the first and most important tool you'll need. Every Man Ministries has built men's ministry in a box, developed a digital library of over 250 weeks of sermons to support your weekly meetings, which can be selected from its Ignite Plans, added Get Healthy and Get Strong curriculums and created the Ignite Conference to launch the process, which can be done Live or Simulcast. What are you waiting for?

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Join the movement of men led by Pastor Kenny Luck, and see how church leadership by God’s men can positively impact families for generations to come.

Church leadership training and development is essential to providing men with the skills and tools to effectively lead their families and churches. Kenny Luck encourages men to Get In, Get Healthy, Get Strong, and Get Going. This process leads men from becoming a passive audience, to an army, to activated leaders, to God’s men who lead families and churches in positive and effective ways.

With the Ignite and Sleeping Giant study plans, online media, and a variety of resources from Kenny Luck himself, men can find everything they need to improve their leadership in the church. Pastor Kenny Luck maintains that there is no movement of God without men of God, and encourages men to hone their church leadership skills for the sake of the church, their families, and themselves. Rick Warren says of Every Man Ministries, “Kenny Luck gives you a local church blueprint for moving men from being an audience sitting in a seat to becoming an army marching on the field in your congregation. Discover the pathway to engaging the men in your church to be all God intended them to be as they serve as leaders, counselors, shepherds, husbands, and fathers.”

Men can Get In by joining other men in a strong spiritual community, Get Healthy morally and spiritually, Get Strong by developing into a solid spiritual leader with strong church leadership skills, and Get Going by going into the church and community to bring justice. The men’s ministry is an integral part of the spiritual health of a church, and Kenny Luck provides men with an effective strategy for acquiring their church leadership skills.